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Armin is a native of Germany, starting at a very young age he has always been dedicated to working with dogs. As a student of animal science and animal behavior he has achieved a worldwide recognition in his field of behavioral based K9 training at the highest level. He holds a diploma in dog training for Law Enforcement and is a certified instructor through the Justice Institute of British Columbia and Department of Criminal Justice Service.


In the mid 1970’s Armin started handling and training civilian and police dogs. He also owned and operated a K-9 security service business in Ontario, Canada where he trained security dogs for the private sector and instructed on their use and deployment.


Armin’s career has evolved into lecturing and instructing internationally on theoretical training concepts as well as hands on behaviorally based real life training. He has developed ground breaking theories that he applies in his work with the dogs. His training concepts have found crucial applications in numerous law enforcement agencies across the world as well as special operations law enforcement and military units. His training articles have appeared in numerous dog and law enforcement periodicals published worldwide. Helmut Raiser’s book "Der Schutzhund" (The training of working dogs in protection work) has been translated by Armin.


Armin has provided consultation and training services to law enforcement and military agencies throughout North America and overseas. He has assisted the Royal Australian Air Force with restructuring their K-9 program and provided seminars for the police and military services in Finland. He is an internationally known and recognized seminar instructor and lecturer in the field of Law Enforcement K-9 Training and Deployment teaching at national training seminars. He is one of the founding members of the American Dutch Police Dog Association. He is also an international USCA and DVG teaching helper and lecturer. He actively teaches Specialty K9 seminars and courses for military K9 programs for the U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC), U.S. Rangers, U.S. Special Forces, U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group (US NSWDG), the Brazil Navy and National Guard, the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), Germany (KSK), as well as civilian law enforcement special operations programs. He is a frequent lecturer at the largest Law Enforcement K9 training conference in the world (H.I.T.S).


Armin is to this day an active and avid dog sport enthusiast dogs who still handles dogs himself and shares his knowledge wherever he goes. He’s a sought after and desired seminar instructor for several dog sports. He is a master at assessing and evaluating dogs and their working traits and designing workable training programs.  In his flexible approach the dog’s perspective is always prioritized. The dog dictates the training methodology, not the trainer, the training is adjusted for each team, no team ever has to adjust to the instructor.


To view some of Armin’s impressive achievements, please visit Armin’s Credential’s page.




Armin's Credentials

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