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Rivanna K9 Services LLC offers professional dog and team training for Police, SWAT, Military Units, Special Forces Units and other Law Enforcement agencies.


We offer seminars, courses, longer schools (basic and advanced) on a variety of subject matters ranging from fundamental patrol functions to advanced SWAT and Special Operations. We select, import and train suitable dogs for your needs to whatever level you prefer.


We offer assistance with program development, Instructor's & Trainer's education at different levels, decoy courses & training, detection courses & training, handler coaching and general and specific problem solving. Our dogs & teams are making a difference in local communities as well as in the global war on terror.

What sets Rivanna K9 Services apart from other companies is the very high quality, individually adjusted training it offers to its clients. Head trainer, Armin Winkler, has earned a reputation as a renowned specialist the world over. Trainer and handler coach, Gunn Anita ("Tazzie") Winkler, has extensive experience training dogs as well as coaching and training handlers from her years in the military (Norwegian Army).

An Applied Animal Behavioral Scientist by education and training, Armin has spent his life working with dogs and fine tuning the science of behaviorism to achieve truly remarkable results.

Sought after not only by the large K9 training conferences as a popular lecturer, Armin is invited by some of the most elite working dog units in the world to assist in their training.


Armin’s concepts have been applied with great success in real world situations that make even many experts ask “how in the world did you manage to train that?”

The answer: “With Armin’s help!”


Whatever your K9 Service needs may be, consider Rivanna K9 Services and see the difference a lifetime of experience scientific study can make in the efficiency and effectiveness of dog training & team training!

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