Evenings with Armin - a meeting series

Ever wish you could consult directly with Armin?

Ask him questions, get his take on a particular problem and have him lay out the solution for you?

Well, now you can!

Rivanna K9 Services offers monthly online meetings on Zoom

where you can interact with Armin in real time.

Each meeting will have a basic topic that relates to LE/ military K9 work and will be is chosen based on participant questions and the importance of the subject matter for the K9 community as a whole. 

Armin will educate on training concepts and teach you how to implement these in practical training, whether it be for apprehension work, detection/ search work and obedience for all the above.

Per request he will also touch on advanced training techniques and skills necessary for special operations teams, such CQB. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity, join up for

"Evenings with Armin - a meeting series" below!