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 Armin started directing training at Canine Protection Sports Village (formerly Schutzhund Village) in 2001, but over the years it has evolved into much more than just Schutzhund.

It now encompasses all traditional European dog sports and we are always willing to help with any other sport people chose to pursue with their dog.

CPSV is truly a unique place in North America in that is has a distinct European flair where dog sports are practiced, encouraged and viewed as a hobby and lifestyle and not a short-term competition endeavor.

A compassionate and caring approach to training, camaraderie and sportsmanship among members and a fun social atmosphere are the principles by which dog sport is conducted at CPSV.

CPSV has been a successful training group for over 1-½ decades with many success stories.

From rank beginners to seasoned dog enthusiasts, all receive the help and support for their goals seek.

Be it a first ever Schutzhund title, preparation for competition, solving a problem, or receiving help in other European dog sports such as French Ring, Mondio Ring, and KNPV, Armin tailors the training to every team.

The list of accomplishments is long and also includes many of the renowned National level helpers in the US having received training and coaching at CPSV.


If you are looking for a fun hobby or a place to continue your sport career with your dog,

join us and experience a truly exceptional place of training and all it has to offer.


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